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Keeping you current with leading industry experts to help you become a valued exercise professional through specialist courses.

Advance your knowledge while building credibility and earn your accreditation points here with industry leading and highly accredited courses.

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What we do

Education is key; unlock your full potential with our scientifically-based training programs – gain a competitive edge today.

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Online courses

Online courses

Online Based Education At Your Own Pace

Learn and earn your CEC points online including CPD points from other accrediting bodies. Self paced easy to follow on multiple electronic devices with your certificate instantly available on completion. 

Earn your accreditation online: Online CECs, CPDs & more

Easy to view video content

Access to a variety of courses

Face to Face courses

Improve your coaching & technical skills with the help of our expert presenters

Science based face to face to courses where you can earn accreditation points, AUSactive CEC points, ESSA CPDs & others. We also run privately run courses at your premises.

Live demonstration

Elite coaches running the events

Ask questions in real time

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Hays Daewoud

We believe in using exercise science based research to develop practical applications for our continuing education. This approach enables us to provide you with the latest knowledge and skills necessary to stay ahead in the industry.”

Hays Daewoud, Founder & CEO

How It All Works

Science Based Research Developing Practical Application

The foundations of how we operate are developed from science based learning. By sharing this information you can be confident of receiving the highest levels of competency.

All our trainers are accomplished to masterful  levels of execution in their chosen fields, who  choose and continue to absorb & adapt to new findings. This means you will learn from some of the best in the game.

Working with selective partners allows us to continually identify the challenges and needs of your clients. Which enables what we do to adapt and evolve, offering you industry specific & individualised courses, high potency seminars and professional special events.

Dr Luke Del Vecchio Sports Testing

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