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Technical Lifting with The Science of Strength

Become more confident in training clients and athletes of all levels. You’ll learn how to cue exercises properly, understand the scientific health benefits of strength training, and develop coaching skills for all exercise progressions.

Designed for the new & experienced

Progressions for all the main lifts​

The Science of Strength Training

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This course was developed to address the gap in fitness and strength and conditioning courses. It focuses purely on the technical aspects of the squat, bench press and deadlift, and shoulder and upper-back exercises. 

Technical lifting takes an approach of preferring to work through a series of exercise progressions that build the clients up to the point that they can safely maintain stability under load. This means each lift is performed with perfect execution, which leads to better joint alignment, reduced risk of injury and optimal lifting performance.

What you will learn:

Strength training



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How long does the course take?
The course is approx. 1-2 days work. It’s a mix of around 6-7 hours of video footage, including some audio. We’ve split it up into short modules to make it easy. Reading material is also available.

Can I log into the course any time?
Absolutely, it’s self-paced; you can continue any time you want. Simply log back in. You have 12 months of access from when you pay.

What type of assessment is involved?
The assessment is a multiple-choice exam. This will test you on your understanding of the progressions that we teach and a few other things. There is no video assessment. Once you pass, you can download the Technical Lifting Online certificate of completion.

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What people are saying

Sandra Apostolou
Sandra Apostolou

Head Teacher TAFE Fitness & Recreation

This was a fantastic course; I feel very grateful for having the opportunity to do it. Even though the course was online, I felt really engaged through its entirety which is a testament to all of you, as I much prefer face-to-face learning. At no time did I struggle to stay engaged. I will definitely be recommending it to others; 5 stars!

Jacklynn Wheele
Jacklynn Wheele

Personal Trainer

I found the entire course content so useful and easy to comprehend. As suggested in the course, I'm applying this learning to a program for myself and finding it beneficial to correct those neglected aspects of lifting.

This course not only targets a set group of lifters but covers an across the board dynamic of people to help strengthen their bodies and live a more mobile, stronger life.

Once again thank you, everyone did a great job putting this entire course content together. It was awesome having Lauren as the visual example and Shannon sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm.

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