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We offer a number of health, wellness & sports science based services for athletes and the general public to improve human performance.

sports science

High performance testing

We use sports science to improve an athlete’s performance and recovery for their sport. We perform a thorough needs analysis with the athlete to gain insights into past performance, successes, challenges, roadblocks and goals.


Training harder is not always better

Science and technology play a critical role in developing an athlete’s performance. It is the key to finding improvements without overtraining and risk of injury.

Finding one percent

The difference between an elite athlete and the best athlete in world is finding the 1% improvement factor



Our seminars are designed for the everyday human, fitness enthusiast or athlete. These cover nutrition, sleep, stress management and exercise.


For health, body goals and performance

Lifestyle & Health

Healthy employees are the key to your company's health

Sleep Better, Stress Less

Sleep is not a luxury it's a necessity for top health

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