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Learn to coach confidently, whether you’re a Personal Trainer new to boxing, a Martial Artist, a combat athlete or an Exercise Physiologist; our Boxing CS3 courses & certifications are an essential addition to your skill set.

If you’re not a qualified personal trainer  & want to get qualified to teach boxing.


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Face to face Courses

Improve your coaching & technical skills with the help of our expert presenters. Enjoy your education, network and learn the practical application of evidence-based training methods.

Duration: 1 Day
Points: 15 CECs, 8CPD, FITREC
& More

Our most popular course. Learn a simple coaching system, pad holding, session structure for 1 on 1, groups & more.

Duration: 1 Day
Points: 11 CECs, 8CPD, FITREC
& More

The next level in your boxing coaching. Includes more punches, more angles, movement and more fitness drills.

Duration: 1 Day
Points: 12 CECs, FITREC

Learn a comprehensive progression system for kickboxing, how to teach all the punches and kicks to run engaging sessions.

Online Courses

Self paced easy to follow on multiple electronic devices with your certificate instantly available on completion.

Points: 9 CECs, 8CPD, FITREC & More

Learn the foundations of boxing, footwork, pad holding and coaching skills.

Includes the science Covers an easy to follow progression system.

Points: 6 CECs, FITREC

Designed to cover the fundamentals of coaching, including how to coach & cue movement, adapting your coaching style, communication & using your voice and much more.

Points: 20 CECs, ESSA, & FITREC

Includes access to Boxing CS3 Foundations course. This specialist module includes the research, pre-screening & assessment tools, how to deliver & design adapted boxing sessions for Parkinson's Disease.

Points: 10 CECs, FITREC

Learn the foundations of kickboxing skills & fitness. Includes boxing basics and adding kicking to your sessions including fitness ideas.


Never run out of ideas again with this huge resource library of boxing based fitness drills.

Keep it simple with evidence based HIIT drills & more.

What the experts say

Hussy Hussein
Hussy Hussein

Australian Boxing Hall of Fame, Former World title challenger & Australian Olympian

After nearly 40 years in boxing, from being an amateur boxer, Olympian, and world title contender, I can confidently say that the Boxing CS3 courses are exceptional. Whether you have prior ring experience or you're a personal trainer starting out, I highly recommend these courses. They provide a simple yet effective system that enables you to coach boxing skills safely & correctly. 

February 9, 2023

What is Boxing CS3?

Designed for the new & experienced

Improve your coaching & cueing

The Scientific benefits of Boxing

ACE Coaching

Coaching correctly is critical to get the best out of your client or athlete. You need to provide technical instruction, motivation & apply the appropriate coaching model to suit. This can include internal cueing, external cueing , tactile cueing, and many other methods.

It is crucial to teach boxing skills and techniques correctly to clients for several reasons. Firstly, boxing is physically demanding the incorrect techniques can result in injuries to your client or the athlete. Secondly, proper technique ensures that the client can perform to their full potential, this will improve not only their cardio fitness, but also, their cognitive health, strength, speed & power, core strength, flexibility, and many other benefits. 

Finally, correct technique is essential for your clients long-term development and success, if your client is always improving and feeling and seeing the benefits, they will stay engaged and be with you long term. 

Your duty of care as a trainer is to deliver a safe experience to your clients. You need to do everything in your power to minimize the risk of injury.

As trainers you need to ensure that every client is practicing boxing techniques in a safe and controlled environment by following strict safety protocols to minimise the risk of injury during training. We also provide guidance on proper equipment usage and encourage you to follow all safety guidelines so your clients have a safe and enjoyable training experience. You also want to make sure you the trainer stay protected and keep your body in good working order.

The scientific element of this program will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the benefits of coaching & participating in boxing. We share the latest research in sports science to help you optimise your skills as a coach.

Course Types To Suit You

Online Courses

Self paced learning

Instant certificate upon successful completion

Earn CEC points, ESSA CPDs & more

Face To Face Courses​​

Live demonstration

Elite coaches running the events

Friendly environment with other professionals

Private Courses​​

Contact Us to run a private course or workshop at your gym.

Private Courses & Workshops

Contact us to run a private courses or workshop at your gym. Some of our most popular private workshops include:

  • The Body Punch
    Learn the body punch with precision. Covering body positioning, weight distribution, combinations, setups, partner drills, and more for optimal impact.
  • Footwork & Movement
    Learn agile footwork, evasion and precision movements, combined with punching. Learn to coaching these techniques effectively.
  • Boxing Defense
    Slip, Bob, weave, roll, parry, block. Learn and apply classic boxing defense techniques into your sessions. 
Boxing course

Australia's most accredited Boxing Course

Teach with confidence

With Boxing CS3 programs you will learn & recieve:


Ron Smith
Ron Smith

Mount Eliza Boxing Centre

I have been boxing for 55 years. I have competed professionally and have trained fighters. As a personal trainer, I have done over 15 boxing fitness courses and many other fitness industry courses. By far the best course I’ve ever done. Fantastic!

Matt Kortt
Matt Kortt

Fitness Educator TAFE

AMAZING!!! Having previously attended boxing courses with other well-established organisations, I can honestly say that the Australian Combat & Exercise Boxing Skills & Fitness course has opened my eyes and shed new light on my approach to boxing - FAR BETTER than either of the other courses I have attended. I will certainly recommend it to everyone!

Libby Babet
Libby Babet

Speaker, Fitness Journalist, Founder The UpBeat

For anyone wanting to learn how to really truly create boxing fitness classes with credibility, these guys ran a course for my team recently that was not only the best boxing course I've ever done, but one of the very best fitness courses or classes I've ever attended - absolutely loved it. The presenters had incredible attention to detail and were such professional and inspiring people.



Are you a:
– Boxing Enthusiast
– Combat Athlete
– Social Worker
– PE Teacher
– Martial Artist

If you’re not a qualified personal trainer and want to get qualified to teach boxing skills & fitness with insurance?
Enrol in our Boxing CS3 Coach program.

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Date: 15 June 2024
Time: from: 09:00 to 17:00

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Location: Frank Dando Sports Academy Ashwood, VIC
Date: 29 June 2024
Time: from: 09:00 to 17:00

COURSE: Technical Lifting - Sydney

Location: Australian Combat & Exercise, NSW
Date: 30 June 2024
Time: from: 09:00 to 17:00

COURSE: Technical Lifting - Melbourne

Location: Australian Fitness Academy Caulfield, VIC
Date: 30 June 2024
Time: from: 09:00 to 17:00

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