Sleep Better, Stress Less

Poor sleep leads to poor performance.

1 in 3 Australian adults regularly struggle with their sleep. Sleep deprivation leads to poor performance and impaired mental alertness which can result in costly and in some industries, dangerous errors.

Poor sleep can cause:

Sleep is not a luxury, it's a necessity

Not all sleep is good sleep. Your company faces significant loss.

We get it. There’s only so many hours in the day and with our increasingly fast paced environment, high cost of living, costs of taking care of a family, Australians are working longer, harder hours, working beyond their limits.


Of adults suffer sleep deprivation


Get poor sleep quality


Make errors at work

Poor sleep affects all ages and job types and costs billions.

Work related injuries

Costs $2.68BN. Sleeping six hours a night can be just as bad as staying awake for two days straight

Premature Death

Costs $4.12BN. Poor Sleep hygiene has been shown to negatively impact the heart, lungs and kidneys, appetite, metabolism and weight control, immune function and disease resistance, sensitivity to pain, reaction time, mood, and brain function.

Lost Productivity

Costs $1.65BN. Australia is in the grip of a sleep deprivation epidemic that is dragging down the nation’s productivity.

Seminar Topics Include

Dr. Luke Del Vecchio

Created and taught by Dr. Luke Delvecchio, a PhD with an MSc in Exercise Science. Luke is one of Australia’s most qualified wellness coaches and sports scientists with over 15 years experience creating and presenting corporate wellness programs backed by scientific research, based on what companies and employees want from a wellness program. He has presented and lectured to large corporations, universities, tafes and colleges.

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