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Interval Training - The Science of Intensity

This evidence-based course will equip you with the tools and confidence to create and deliver safe, effective and efficient interval training programs for health & performance.

HIIT Training Methods

Metabolic Conditioning

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Interval Training – The Science of Intensity, provides an evidence-based introduction to a range of different interval training protocols, as well as program design recommendations and a module dedicated to safety, injury prevention and awareness of adverse events.

Whether you’re a personal trainer, coach or exercise physiologist, this course will equip you with the tools and confidence to create and deliver safe, effective and efficient interval training programs.

What you will learn:

What people are saying

Luke Costa
Luke Costa

Personal Trainer + 10 years

I found the course useful and practical, especially with the explanations and videos showing the exercises and relative heart rates of the participants. This was also really helpful in understanding the maximum heart rate and how it would affect more trained individuals because often, we see significant variations between the higher & lower heart rate. I was really happy with the course overall, and I believe it will make a big difference in how we approach certain types of interval training in our thinking, especially.

Michael Benjamin
Michael Benjamin

Personal Trainer 5+ years

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. A lot of online CECs can be very much repetitive and only relay information that is obvious. However, this course went into great detail, made use of the literature and provided information that was appropriate for not only personal trainers but all types of exercise professionals.

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How long does the course take?
The course is approximately 2-3 days of work, with about 10 hours of audio & video footage. It’s split into short modules to make it easy. Reading material is also available.

Can I log into the course any time?
Absolutely, it’s self-paced; you can continue any time you want. Simply log back in. You have 12 months of access from when you pay.

What type of assessment is involved?
The assessment is a multiple-choice exam. This will test you on your understanding of the progressions that we teach and a few other things. There is no video assessment. Once you pass, you can download the Technical Lifting Online certificate of completion.

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