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A certified Strength & Conditioning Coach and Sports Massage Therapist, Shannon started his journey into exercise in 2000 as a 55kg 21-year-old. Sick of being ‘the skinny kid’, everything changed when a friend took him along to the gym one day. He never left. Competing in a range of strength and combat sports, from Kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, to Strongman and Powerlifting, Shannon more than doubled his body weight to 120kg.

His immersion into the world of health and fitness soon made Shannon realise, however, that the industry was rife with misinformation. Determined to separate fact from fiction, he made it his lifelong mission to continually educate himself. This process has included travelling the world to learn from some of the best weightlifters, coaches, sports scientists, therapists, researchers and doctors, from Dr Layne Norton to the legendary late Charles Poliquin.

In his S&C coach and massage therapist roles he has worked extensively in the area of back rehabilitation, and with athletes from a range of sporting disciplines, from MMA, Boxing and Judo, to Rugby Union, Track and Field, and Bodybuilding. In a personal capacity, he has trained with world renowned MMA fighters Robert Whittaker, Ian Schaffa and Manny Rodriguez.

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