Juanita Suh

Educator & Presenter

An experienced martial artist, Juanita is driven by a constant drive to keep learning. As a coach she always makes it her mission to foster a fun and enthusiastic learning environment that makes course attendees more receptive to learning and retaining her instruction around good technique and a science-based approach to fitness.

Juanita embraces the challenge of working not only with every student’s strengths, but also their ‘not-so-strengths’ to help them get the most out of their learning journey, expand their skill set and grow their professionalism.

In addition to working closely with ACE founder Hays Daewoud to hone her martial arts coaching for fitness professionals, Juanita has been coached and mentored by ACE’s Head of Sports Science, Dr Luke Del Vecchio, and world-class strength & conditioning expert Shannon Green.

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