James Copp

Educator & Presenter

An accredited exercise physiologist since 2012, James loves the challenge of implementing exercises to manage a variety of health conditions and rehabilitate a range of injuries, including those sustained by CrossFit athletes.

With experience working within a variety of populations and environments, he has witnessed many deficits in training and education among fitness professionals, and has made it his mission to help fill these skill and knowledge gaps.

With a keen interest in the science of pain and how this translates to movement and function, he is passionate about educating fitness professionals in these areas, because he truly believes we can raise the bar when it comes to exercise, health and wellness outcomes.

James’ qualifications and certifications include Bachelor of Applied Science (Sport & Exercise); Masters of Exercise Physiology; AEP/ ESSAM; L1 Club Weightlifting (AWF); Technical Lifting, Boxing & Kickboxing (ACE); and TKEX Biopsychosocial Approach to S&C/Rehabilitation.

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